Get Ready To Learn is a researched classroom yoga curriculum that PREPARES students of all abilities for learning.  Introduced in NYC classrooms of students with special needs in 2008, the program has spread throughout the US and abroad. It is now being used daily in mainstream, integrated and special needs classrooms.

The program helps to reduce stress, focus attention, enhance performance and improve behaviors in the classroom and beyond.

The curriculum uses a 5 part traditional yoga practice which incorporates developmental and sensory-motor levels to optimally prepare students of all ages for learning. 

The GRTL Project involves hundreds of trained GRTL clinicians.  These classroom teachers, and school based therapists provide the program to their students daily.

The GRTL program now has 65+ trained facilitators (and facilitators-in-training) who offer on-site support to their school or district program.  GRTL Trainers are a small group of  experienced GRTL Clinicians / Senior Facilitators who provide 

In- house trainings and mentoring services for schools and districts. 

Get Ready To Learn starts the day in classrooms around the country.

The program is currently in schools in:

California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Vermont, Virginia, and introduced in London in 2010, and Canada in 2013!


Anne Buckley-Reen, OTR-L, RYT

NYC Citywide Programs- D75 Facilitators

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Mission Statement:

To prepare all students to be in optimal physical, behavioral and cognitive states for learning

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